Out With Some of the Old

The original drawing for Fort La Play Porte by Leathers & Associates

Playground Design

In 1998, committee members including retired pastor Reuben Eversman called upon the Ithaca, NY firm of Leathers & Associates to design a dynamic play area for the children of La Porte followed by a huge cooperative community effort to build it.

Play by Design’s 2018 proposal for the 2019 Community Build Project

Twenty years later, the firm has changed, but its mission remains very familiar: “Play By Design specializes in custom designed, community built playgrounds with a focus on accessibility.”


Designed by Kids

Student input was as important then as it was for the future build. Seven students named it in 1999, and in 2018, committee members and two members of the design firm visited LaPorte Community Public Elementary Schools to ask kids what improvements could be made to Fort La Play Porte. Everything from a giant trampoline to unicorns to swirly twirly slides was suggested. The designers took all of the students’ ideas into consideration while also being sensitive to how nostalgic members of the community are about the playground.

South Bend Tribune, Wednesday, February 10, 1999



Play by Design’s Lisa deShano presented her initial drawing to students in September 2018

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